Tips To Not Get Stuck In A Loan

How can so that we can manage our finances. The right answer is carefully borrow money from anyone. If we are not careful in managing the finances, the problems that occur in our finances.

There are several tips for not get stuck in a loan:
1. Do not take a loan because you'd like, but when there are urgent needs, such as paying hospital bills while there is no savings in the savings.

2. Do not take advantage of a loan to purchase assets that depreciate, such as electronic goods. So also buy a car, vacation, and other needs of a consumer.

3. Make sure the payment installment. If the funds available in savings, savings prioritize first to settle the charges before KTA.

4. Do not "double" KTA to fund the loan in savings, because the interest received from savings surely much smaller than the interest burden of loans that must be paid. Interest savings only around 8%, while the interest burden of loans KTA can reach more than 20% per year.

5. KTA loan may be used to cover credit card bills, provided that the interest rate assumption KTA is lower than the interest rate applied to your credit card issuer bank. If you are still using credit cards are excessive, the solution to pay bills with borrowed KTA still do not provide financial security for the long term.

So, any campaign conducted by the bank, they did not wrong. Himself we control our financial family.