Carefully review the various costs in the loan

On the bank which should be the option, as long as borrowers are healthy bank, the name is not the main consideration. Although acknowledged that foreign banks are generally more aggressive selling products KTA. That, from any bank you KTA, there are a few things to note, including interest, time period, and costs charged to the customer's bank lenders.

For interest, considering the KTA does not require collateral, usually the interest rates are relatively higher than the interest of business loans in general. This strategy can be understood because the bank still expects surely benefit for their business. So, what is the name of the bank granting KTA, the lower the interest rates of the more well to consider. While the cost of provision, the bank generally determine the number of 1-1,5% of the loan. However, to avoid problems later in the day, before the loan process should be the customers really have to know what the cost charged to him, and the magnitude.

Period of time or term borrowing will affect the amount of interest. The longer the period of time, interest rates will be small. However, if interest is multiplied by the term of, the result will be the greater. Special KTA, banks generally offer a fix interest rate for a period of 1-3 years. Well, to avoid the burden of interest rates, very advisable to determine the loan period is shorter.
Also need to remember that, when put in the KTA, but the way you want to returning the loan, do not surprised when the customer will be subject to penalty and added the cost of this is that the interest burden has been calculated that during the year to come. That is why, customers are required to understand the process before the loan KTA. Customers even have to be proactive accurately explore information related to the sharpness-KTA wishing proposed. This is important because the rules about costs can be different between a bank with other banks.