Healthy Teeth Should Be Treated Always

Teeth healthy tooth is clean, without the hole. With a good dental care and regular, then there will be no teeth in the mouth of our hollow. Therefore, maximum care strived to get the teeth remain healthy.

Dental treatment and mouth since early determine dental and mouth until the end of life. Some of the teeth and mouth disease can be experienced by children under five, and if treatment is not done well, such as holes on the surface of the teeth, the red gum, and the sariawan.

Damage to teeth that usually occurs in the early (and children under five) is usually due to factors of food / drink. Sweet foods such as brown and sticky as dodol if not immediately disikat / kumur akan behind and cause damage to teeth. Also drinks like tea, coffee, soft drink, and cigarettes can cause dental lamina in the so-called color stain teeth become dull, kecoklat-coklatan. Layer of coarse stain is easy ditempeli leftover food and bacteria, which eventually form a plaque, if not cleaned akan harden into tartar and can spread to the root of a tooth. As a result, easy bleeding tooth, wobbly teeth easy and simple date.

How is treatment? See the following steps: Always Sikat Gigi. Caring for teeth can be started since the baby, this can be done with the child's teeth clean by using gauze or cotton is rinsed with warm water, then with a slowly digosokan on gum baby. When children are go big, we as parents have to help introduce routine dental polish. How can I do with learning to give and hold polish teeth.

Given Eating Pattern Pattern eat the child should also always be parents. Is the food consumed can damage the teeth, or vice versa. Do not give children to eat too-sweet food such as candy, chocolate, biscuits and food is sweet and easy to adhere to the gum. Food such as this will usually react in the mouth and eventually form the acid that can damage teeth email. Incurred as a result, for example, perforated teeth, a tooth before the date of the time, interference on the size, shape and number of teeth. To prevent it, give it a stringy foods such as vegetables and fruits, because this food is self cleansing (cleaning), which requires the mastication process repeated.

If you really want to give the food chocolate, candy, biskut and other sweet foods should be at the right time, for example, after lunch. If the child has been completed for a tooth brush to clean.