Talking About Teeth

Teeth healthy tooth is a neat, clean, luminous, and is supported by a fast and gum pink. In the normal condition, from the teeth and mouth healthy is not bad smell scrumptious. This condition can only be achieved with appropriate treatment. However, because of various factors (such as the cost of a dentist, which is relatively more expensive than general practitioners) dental health is often not a priority. We only went to the dentist if the teeth have severe pain and is not checked again.

Mouth is a very ideal place for bacterial growth. If not cleaned thoroughly, the remaining food terselip with the bacteria will remain attached to the teeth and we will multiply and form colonies called plaque, the film layer of thin, sticky, and not colored. Plaque is an ideal place for the growth of bacteria that can produce acid. If not removed with brushing teeth, the acid will eventually destroy the teeth and eventually email the perforated teeth.

In addition, this plaque also affect health, such as network supporting tooth supporting bone and gum. This is caused by bacteria that stick to the plaque on the tooth surface and above the gum line. Germs in the plaque produce poisons that stimulate gum so happens gingivitis, and gum bleeding becomes easy.