Food & Reading Method Can Affect The Health Of Eyes

At this time many more children who have been using since small glasses. In fact, in addition to genetic factors, eating patterns and how to read is the eye health. Therefore, parents should be looking at nutrition and vitamins consumed, and looking at their reading habits.

Research been done by dr. Vidyapati Mangunkusumo SPM, the headline Refraction Section Faculty of Medicine, The University of Indonesia shows, from 300 school children in urban areas, 15 percent of them experienced refraction difference. In fact, in rural areas only 11 percent.

The cause of dim far farraginous: can the cornea is too convex so that the shadow ray does not fall exactly at the point-focus on the retina called makula-or lens in the eye is too fat.

The main dim far is genetic. However, environmental factors can also influence, such as a lack of food nutrition and vitamins, as well as how to read is not true. The position is best to read the sitting position with the book placed in front of the eye-not on the table-view with the 33 cm distance from the eye.

"If, while reading the back, then there is a tendency of the work so that the only stimulate one eye damage," said Vidyapati.

Because this is interference refraksi / refraction, the improvement with the improvement of refraction. The most simple is to use glasses. Then occurred the development of bio-medical science, so there are contact lenses that can be placed on the eye.

BUT, not all people feel comfortable using glasses or contact lenses. In line with the development of improvements to the structure of organs, surgical techniques to repair the cornea is also growing. With this technique, people do not need to use glasses or contact lenses.