Caring for Healthy Eyes

Body treatment after work is a common activity carried out, ranging from massage, relaxationdo to restore our body stamina. However, we realize without, many other members of the body that is also important for medical treatment, such as eyes.

Street dust, radiation and a computer monitor less rest, all this can disrupt the health of us. Interference from the eyes, decrease in power of vision, cataracts, glukoma, infection and even up to blindness can occur when we do not maintain good eye with us.

Conditions that stress the body can also be seen through our eyes, that affect the performance of our day-to-day.

Following tips to keep our eye health:

1. Consumption of vegetables, fruit and nutrition of

Eat vegetables or fruit is good for the eyes and drink nutrition for your eyes. Such as carrots, since carrots have long consumed the contents of vitamins for both eyes.

2. Sporting eyes

Eyes we often have to give the object in view when we often focus on an object during a day-to-day activities, such as working too long in front of a computer screen. This can unwittingly make the eyes, irritation, itching, disrupted power perspective. Therefore do regularly exercise the eye, such as eye blink, stare up and down or to the right and left and make a massage around the eyes.

3. Find a different view of the object.

For you who are often working in front of a computer screen for long hours, the eye unconsciously we are experiencing muscle cramps should hold up as a computer screen with a long enough time, and this often makes the eyes dry, red and even irritation due to radiation computer screen so it is suggested that you search for a different view objects.

4. Contact lens care regularly

For contact lens users, you must regularly treat your contact lenses, such as cleaning fluid with the truth. Use your contact lenses in accordance with the instructions suggested experts.

5. Rest your eyes

The rest can be enough to restore the condition of fresh eyes.