Recipes For Body Immune Diseases

Daily activities, without you know plays an important role in increasing the body's immune. Follow the efforts of a particular can help you reach your goals!

Slowly chewing food
Infection is found easily on the condition that their body does not fit. Digestive problems may befall those who eat regular pattern, but delayed the process of absorption of food. Kiatnya, enjoy food with a relaxed and eat food slowly.

Make 2 times a week
Intimate relationship is believed able to prevent regular flu. They regularly make the two times in a week have a more immune than their prime rarely do so.

Substance produced when the antibody make make immunoglobulin (LGA) increased 30%. Although sound terrible, do not also make it as a reason to make every day! From the results of the study gynecologist the intimate relationship that is too often will weaken our body defense.

Smell a fragrant aroma
Immune body also appeared to be affected by the aroma. The smell of chocolate perfumes someone able to increase immunity against flu. But, rather, the smell of meat that cause your body rot disease easily. The carrion easily invite bacteria. Therefore, provide perfume favorite in your bag, and smell it's fresh several times a day.

Care for themselves in the spa
When you're tired, get rid of feeling tired with massage. In fact, massage can increase the body's resistance. Aromatherapy massage is one of the alternative bait. With a mixture of lavender oil, or Rosemary, fatigue your body is missing.

Harmless attempt akupresur or shiatsu massage. This is useful for removing the toxic Substances (oxygen-toxic substances) of muscle metabolism that should be removed. If not removed, oxygen-oxygen collected (most laktat acid form) causes muscles feel stiff and sore.

Sleep soundly
You are right, six to eight hours a day is the time required to sleep at night. Not just quantity, but quality also affect your sleep. You people are a little hard to sleep? Do not bring your mind to mumet room, reduce caffeine consume.