Benefits of Organic Vegetables

Healthy lifestyles in a way to return to nature is becoming a new trend in part of our society. Now organic food demand, many people start. Indeed, relatively more expensive, but comparable with the benefits obtained. Moreover, the fact the latest research shows the nutritional benefits of organic food.

Currently, public awareness about healthy lifestyles increased. Pattern eat high-fat, high fiber and low calorie start left. Supermarkets that sell organic food purchased in demand buyers start. Positive symptoms that need to be developed more widely, because only a small part of our society who are aware of healthy eating patterns. Necessary knowledge and self awareness for a good lifestyle change.

Vegetables Bad Arts
To the author, Prof.Dr.Ir.Ali Khomsan, MS, IPB nutrition expert, defines organic food is all food that comes from living organisms. Organic refers to own something that contains carbon, it should all food that contains the element carbon is called organic. Including the feed material is planted with chemical fertilizers and pesticides contain. But people only know that the term organic means food that is planted and cultivated organically, without pesticides or artificial fertilizers.
Government of the United States as a pioneer of organic food standards set, that is called organic food is 100% organic or at least 95% is produced without chemical fertilizers, insecticide, herbicide, antibiotics, growth hormones, radiation for sterilization and a modified genetic animals.
Organic food was developed using technology naturally. Maintained soil fertility with natural fertilizers, like compost and manure. Natural fertilization with and without insecticide, earthworm populations increase, so the land is rich in nitrogen, so naturally fertile. To cope with pests, the lapse can be cross-trees so that each type of attack can be a plant pest in the chain dropped out of the pest. Spraying is also done using anti-pest's natural.
Cultivation will naturally produce food are not interesting in terms of performance. As Ali explained Khomsan, "Material organic food, especially vegetables that have a performance that is not interesting. Many of perforated worm-eaten and insects. However, the quality of taste, organic food is better. "Now consumers have the right to vote. Buy conventional food with cheap price but contain residues of chemicals or vegetables a bad, expensive but safe for health.

Excellence In Nutrition
Organic food such as vegetables and fruit, mineral content is better than conventional food. As Ali Khomsan expression, some research shows vegetables such as cabbage, lettuce and tomato womb mineral calcium, and magnesium dephosphorize far higher than with inorganic vegetables. As the organic tomato, calcium contents of 23 mg dikandung not only while the 5 mg. From the taste, organic food is also more delicious. Organic vegetables and fruit more intricate, more sweet and durable. While that is not, the actual water level, so it's less sweet and more rapid decay. An independent laboratory in the United States have different facts. Research on wheat flour organic agriculture contains 24% higher than wheat planted in the conventional.
Apart from the winning side also taste nutrition, organic food is also free of residues of pesticides and dangerous chemicals. We are not aware, this matter will be buried again in our bodies. Long term, will increase the risk of cancer in the body because the substances are karsingen cause cancer. Better prevent the switch to organic food from us have to pay for more expensive health care costs incurred due to illness. Therefore, life style back to nature is the right solution for you who want to live healthy. Budi Sutomo

Currently, organic food berpredikat five stars is melilea.