New Iphone 3GS Upgrade

Apple New iPhone update, maintain, but similar in design to improve software drastically. Leading the company launched a new 3G iPhone at Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), Moscone Center, San Fransisvo, June 8.

Still using the model of aesthetics, the latest time is more than 100 new features. the latest 3G New iPhone has a digital compass to help use Google Maps.

But more interesting to know what the designers who developed the technologies. There are many applications in extraordinary Android platform in the New iPhone 3G uses a technology is blackmail.

Strengthened ability of the camera, from a 2.0 megapixel 3.2 megapixel, and now the auto focus plus. A number of parties that had a taste, one site-specific origin of the UK IT news, T3, impressed with the automatic focus function. But when the camera be dissociated from the object - eg backgrounds - will make a person appear blurred, and the background more sharp.

This was a mechanical, not due to the ability of the basic software ditanamkan. So be spelled out, increasing the likelihood of Apple iPhone 3G with the latest auto focus, has not materialized.

Still without a flash, but Apple is working hard to improve the quality of the images in low lighting situations. This is evident when recording a video, a new fungi in the latest iPhone.

Do is quite simple, open the camera application, move the menu command from the photos to video, and press the 'record' in red. Akan record video directly on the resolution of 640 x 480, with 30 frames per second

User can also edit the video with the sliding friction-length video and select the frame-frame. Just remove one of the same duration with the delete forever

iPhone 3G can now also understand the human voice with Voice Control technology. Simply ask 'play the Beatles' or ask' what is it now? '.

Uređaj akan immediate appropriate command or a question you. The tool is able to recognize many different phrase more than 30 languages.

Not only that, the latest iPhone 3G is twice as fast with the functions better than earlier models. Apple does not comment on its own processor ditanamkan, new mobile phone that two grams heavier.


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