Making Fraud Insurance?

Do not try to make fraud insurance. Insurance fraud is an illegal act against the interests of insurance companies with the purpose of financial benefit is not a legitimate risk of closure. Insurance fraud can be categorized into 2, namely hard fraud (fraudulent weight), such as falsifying an accident or incident deliberately create events that are planned and carried out soft fraud (fraud lightly) as the value of preferred claims. The fact that the poor are still leery of law making insurance fraud has been increasing both the quality and quantity.

Some of the indicators / conditions that allow the occurrence of Insurance Fraud, including:

1. Situation before the occurrence of policyholders experiencing any loss are financial difficulties, ownership rights are not clear, goods are not sold in large numbers, are less good marketing and operational experience in business losses and is not able to compete.

2. Policy conditions before the occurrence of loss that often change insurer, the insurance rates increased with very high satisfaction and outstanding premium goods in large amounts.

3. Nature of policyholders after the loss that refuse to make a written statement and put pressure so that claims can be completed as soon as possible.

4. For losses that can not be, going in the evening hours or on weekends or official holidays, the source of the fire at some point, does not make a claim long after the introduction of the policy or approach the end of the period of insurance, is not functioning extinguisher and lost a record number of losses.

In fact the insurance can be insured against fraud with the cooperation established a non-profit institutions such as the United States (Insurance Fraud Bureau). These institutions are funded together and served to monitor and investigate reports of suspicious claims. Other efforts to reduce the business of insurance fraud is to modify the products with the concept of insurance loss underwriting & marketing in the right.