Maintain Healthy Eyes

Eyes is one of the senses of the human body is very complex to work & vision. Although its function for human life is important, but often less shown, so many diseases that attack the eyes not treated properly & causing disturbances of vision to blindness.

To prevent blindness, it is to crash each time in the eyes, consult with doctors flee customers. Also recommended for eyes examined each year to the doctor, together with the routine health checks in general. So, the doctor may treat early & avoid the more severe the disease for interference-interference that occurs in the eyes that can disrupt the activity to cause blindness. Routine eye examination can be performed more frequently in those with a family history of eye diseases such as high pressure eyeball (glukoma) or cataracts at a young age.

Disturbances of vision are the most commonly experienced is dim, can be a dim distant, farsighted that usually experienced by those aged above 40 years old, or a mixture of both. All kinds of dim eye on its core focus is the interference of reflection to see. Unclear can be overcome by using glass eyes or contact lenses. Dim addition, disturbances of vision that is often experienced astigmatism, the aberration in the eye so that light emission from the 1 point 1 does not fall on the point of focus, which causes sight to become blurred. Astigmatism can be corrected with eye glass or contact lenses.

Disabled & eye astigmatism can also be treated with the advances in technology that can edit aberration eye surgery with the use refraktif ray laser (LASIK) by the ophthalmologist, so that people with dim & astigmatism can be free from the use of glass eyes or contact lenses.