Keep Your Eyes Health

It is important to treat the eyes to be able to function well, a lot of friends that we want to be able to see this beautiful world. Very tired and stress affect health, including the eye. Browsing, Surfing, Chatting, Blogging or Blogwalking is always the routine activities carried out by lovers of the virtual world. This can also affect the health of lho also, because when the day is in front of the PC Laptops atupun can make our eyes so tired.

There are ways that can be done so that the days of more luminous:
1. Check your eyes every six month
What matters to the doctor, it is usually boring. But when the disturbance of vision that is not in the more severe will be developed. Wearing glasses and contact lenses that no longer match can cause vision problems and headaches.
2. Wear glasses when the dry season.
Sinar Ultra Violet (UV) sun create serious damage to the eyes and glasses that can prevent both. Make sure the glasses of purchase can reflect at least 98 percent of UV radiation. Do not bask under the sun after 09.00 o'clock.
3. Consumption of adequate nutrition for the eyes.
Vitamin A, C and E and antioxidants can prevent or slow the degeneration and cataracts makular.
4. Make sure that enough light when using the computer.
The minimal light at work can cause eye fatigue. Instead, the excess light is also not good. If using a work computer, the light that is both soft starlight table lamp from the side. Reduce the light level monitor. Although the color is not too sharp, so the more comfortable.
5. Rest eye.
When friends do not feel comfortable after a day sitting in front of the computer, this is due to eye blinks 25 percent less than usual. As a result, the eyes become dry. That can be done is close the eyes with the hands, after the fifth count open. Perform 2-3 times. Barpaling from the computer screen and see objects far away the object or green (not the wall but the green plants) as often as possible.