Consultation Skin Care and Beauty

Before we continue this consultation session, will be very helpful if you can determine your skin type. the following we try to describe various types of skin to ease you in determining your skin type:

1> Normal Skin
• At the Adolescent:
- Subtle, Clear
- Komedo sometimes in the nose and forehead
- Humid and palpability are ketebalannya
• In the Adult (> 35 th):
- Skin color fade
- Pori pore over real -
- There is a fine wrinkling

2> oily Skin
• Simple greasy skin:
- Shine in the T zone (forehead, nose, chin)
- Pori broad-pore
• Clinically greasy skin:
- Oily and pimply
- Easy to pustular
- Pori broad-pore

3> Dry Skin
- Fast but ruckle
- Not dull shine
- Wrinkle around the eyes and nose
- Sometimes lax
- Pori fine-pore
- Palpability: thin, dry and slightly rough

4> Combination Skin (mix between oily and dry skin)
- Skin appears to shine on the T and U in the dry (cheeks and chin)
- Pori-pore width didaerah T and U in the normal
- The spots komedo, usually in the region Q
- Thickness skin are

5> Sensitive Skin
Pengolesan material typical sensai easily cause a burn, itch and tersengat.
Sensitive Skin Type 4:
• Type 1 is associated with diet, alcohol, stress, sudden weather changes
• Type 2 is dry and scaly when exposed to cold weather, wind or AC
• Type 3 is dried, burnt, reddish when using cosmetics / face soap
• Type 4 is associated with the menstrual cycle