Avoiding Bowel Cancer

The researchers from the University of North Carolina, U.S., concluded that people who consume lots of fruit and reduce meat, small intestine cancer is exposed to the risk.

Results of research that at once reinforce other research that will improve the meat is exposed to cancer risk, especially bowel cancer.

Research published in the Journal of Nutrition this involves 725 people who undergo a new examination telescope intestine (colonoscopies). They asked concerning eating habits, smoking and so forth. From all the respondents, 203 people have adenomas, that is, the polyp in the bowel which often grow to a tumor.

After the answers of the respondents analyzed, they were divided into three groups, namely those who eat more fruit and less meat, they eat a lot of vegetables and meat enough, and people who eat lots of meat.

People who are meat eater in the group, either in number or are often, in fact 70 per cent have a polyp, compared with those who eat more fruit and less meat. The number of respondents who frequently consume fruit and rarely eat meat, only 18 percent of the polyp.

"Many studies have found benefits from the consumption of fruit and vegetables. But more study that says there is no relationship between fruit and vegetables with the risk exposed neoplasm (tumor and pre-tumor) gut," said the research team.

Cancer bowel disease is the number one cause of death due to cancer in the U.S.. In the estimate of the victim who died due to this disease is reaching 52,000 people in 2007. In Indonesia, the disease including disease in which cancer is most often found.

Symptoms of cancer is a change in the kolon defecate, there is blood on the defecate, stomach pain, decrease in body weight and with a sense of weakness.

To make a diagnosis of cancer kolon, doctors will usually perform kolonoskopi examination conducted by inserting the flexible pipe equipped with a camera and needle biopsy. Through this examination of intestinal mucous membrane can be seen and can be suspicious that the photogenic and dibiopsi (taken a little network).


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