8 Tips For Keeping Health Eyes

Learn how easily you can do to eye health and your eyes will feel and look better.

1. Check the eyes every 12 minutes
Vision problem that will not grow more severe, and wearing contact lenses or glasses are no longer suitable for you can cause vision problems and headaches.

2. In summer, use glasses
UV rays can create serious damage to the eye. A good optician can help prevent this. When buying glasses, make sure that you can reflect at least 98% UV radiation.

3. Eat a good nutrition for you and your eyes
Recent studies indicate that this group of vitamins and antioxidants can prevent, or at least slow the growth and degeneration makular cataracts. Nutrition is good for the body is also good for the eyes.

4. If you read or work computer use, make sure the light right
Working with minimal light can cause eye fatigue, but the light is too bright is not good. The light works best if the computer is from the soft starlight table lamp from the side. Reduce the light level (brightness) monitor. So the color is not too sharp, but the eyes will be more comfortable.

5. Rest your eyes
Almost all people feel their eyes is not so comfortable after sitting all day in front of a computer screen. This is due 25% eyes blink less than normal, so that causes dry eyes. One thing you can do is close your eyes and count to 5 before opening it again. This is another turn of the screen and focus on an object far away, as often as possible.

6. Find a contact lens with good quality
Not all contact lenses the same. It's a safe for your eyes, and there is also a risk of eye damage. Knowing what the industry offered a modern contact lenses will help to make a wise choice, not simply follow what the doctor said.

7. If you wear contact lenses, keep it clean
Contact lenses are not making so, but you also can not ignore of the cleaning. Each time you use or will deliver your contact lenses, clean it by water. You should also change fluid, when you put in place when you sleep at night.

8. Wear contact lenses according to the recommended schedule
There are people who intend to save the wear contact lenses longer than intended. This is not a good thing. Although lens quality not be reduced, protein mass can obscure your vision. Another thing that must be considered is, the longer you wear your contact lenses, the higher your risk of eye infection.


Mas Hengky said...

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Michael Edson, MS, L.Ac. said...

Along with proper ergonomics, taking regular breaks from the computer to do eye exercises can help prevent or reduce the effects of computer eye strain.

Our eyes and vision were designed for viewing distance as hunters and gatherers, and not for ongoing near work as required by regular computer use. As a result, Computer Eye Strain is becoming one of the major eye complaints heard by eye doctors today.

Symptoms can include increased myopia, blurred vision, headaches, slow refocusing, difficulty concentrating, neck, shoulder and back pain

Eye strain can be reduced significantly by taking regular breaks from the computer, resting your eyes, stretching and doing eye exercises.

For a demo of 3 great eye exercises by Dr. Grossman, one of the Country's leading behavioral optometrists, go to http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W10j2fL0hy0

Dr. Grossman also offers his free eye exercise booklet at his website at Natural Eye Care Free Eye Exercises with his 11 favorite eye exercises and acupressure eye points to massage regularly.

Finally, there is also an excellent section at his website on "Computer Eye Strain" under "Eye Diseases" that provides a Computer Eye Strain “Self-Help“ section with great tips of relieving eyestrain due to computer use.

Also, a few research studies show that supplementing with 6mg per day of astaxanthin per day significantly improved eye strain at week 2 and 4 of the test period.

For more information, go to Natural Eye Care for Computer Eye Strain

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