10 Step Controlling Appetite

Have problems with excess body weight? Or you have the ideal body postures and want to make it permanent? If so, you need to pay attention to eating patterns.
Appetite must also be controlled, so that the amount of food that you do not over-consumption.
How, see some tips below:

1. Choose food rich in protein at breakfast.
Feed protein is adequate at breakfast will reduce hunger in the afternoon. Consequently, it is not to inflame the amount of food in many. Research shows, thanks to Feed enough protein in the morning, the total daily calorie to be less than usual. Achieve a reduction of 267 calories.

2. Avoid food favorites.
His name also favorite food, to be sure we will like and enjoy them often. To have no time to enjoy anymore, Keep favorite food is out of reach your hands. What is Brian Wansink PhD, psychologist as well as observers from the Cornell University food, may be able example. He drinks soda favorite store in the refrigerator almari in the crypt. I usually just lazy''to take
down. So, I drink only white water in the kitchen.''

3. Sleep enough.
People who sleep less than eight hours to hormonal fluctuations. Said the experts, appetite tends to increase when someone hormones in the body fluctuate.

4. Come hungry, smell favorite aroma. Research shows, the reaction of the brain of fat in the mouth with the same reaction when the brain nose smell the aroma. Therefore, if you keep struggling have a stomach filled, try not immediately obey.

5. Serve as needed.
Did you know, the more food that is presented on the table, the more the food that you santap. Therefore, try to serve the needs of the food only. When in a restaurant and you order enough food for example, do not be reluctant to ask the waitress wrapped up (to take home) some of the food. When up in the house, keep the food in the refrigerator and you can eat tomorrow.

6. Eat in a place of light.
Dining at cafes or restaurants? Choose a place of light. In a light, someone will likely eat less than when eating in a place temaram. ''In the place of light, you will be more aware of themselves, tend to worry even if there are other people notice what we're eating, "

7. Tittle fun.
When eating with friends, often invoke the chat occurred. In fact, shoot the can make you lose your time to eat in the number of lots. Turbulence asyik chat, be it food on your plate is still remaining, while your friend has finished eating. If so, should I? If friends are finished eating, you should also immediately end the meal.

8.Having vessel.
Eat like a snack? If so, prepare the vessel or small plates snack for you. With container, you will usually be stopped immediately when the snack container is exhausted. The event also eat a snack more restrained.

9. Start with soup.
Start lunch with soup vegetables around 130 calories. In this way, you do not inflame to eat in the number of lots, because your stomach has been satisfied first by the soup.

10. Reduce the choice of food.
Packages with a variety of foods such as biscuits taste variations, candy, chocolate, and others, tend to stimulate someone to try everything. Impact, without increasing calories Feed You realize. In fact, many options not always good, especially for you who want to control the appetite.


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