What are the advantages of insurance promising investment?

Advantages for you I still do not know much about investing, here you need to be bothered learning ga investment because you do deposit funds will be managed by investment managers well experienced in the field, plus there insurance protection. So if your investments yield a good return and can help to pay for asuransinya, but can also go down and I certainly have no insurance of results I can promise you the investment certainty. in addition to the benefits that make you more disciplined in saving.

Unadventages? Many, furthermore, if you buy through the agent / bank, they are the most blessed because of protection and investment (premium) you get some of them surely. Look in the newspaper, a million dollar round table, obtain most of its products such as this (investment protection PLUS). I'm not anti-agent / marketing, agent must get the 'fee' on their efforts to get the customer. But how much transparency "fee" they do not get to be clear? What is "fee" page also includes a premium or investment protection only premium only? Currently, 100% 'fee' is a premium and investment protection.

So, if you want insurance, then you should look first to the insurance you need is what? Protection such as life, health, old age, etc., and you see the programs from their own insurance. Find the good with the needs of you, and to choose a company that have a good reputation, choose based on claims of customers.
1. how long the claim, the quicker the better
2. how many customers who make a claim, the more the better also.