Most Site Searching

# Site pure-made Indonesia the most visited: Kaskus! (rank 13)
# Social networking sites most popular: Friendster (# 2). Multiply the second is a popular (# 12), while the Myspace, the world ranking for the 5 business traffic, is a popular third, # 22.
# Site blog service providers most often accessed: Blogger (# 6). sequence is still 21.
# The most ngetop news: Detik Sport (# 14). even less, and one strip below, # 15.
# Site owned TV station's most popular: Indosiar (# 26). Film-film may be more common peas from sinetron, boss, but in the virtual world seenggaknya them successful.
# Bank most accessible: KlikBCA (# 32).
# Site owned universities are the most popular: ITB (# 78). Binus have ratings below 10, # 88.
# There are at least 11 sites associated with adult content (be it more highly, I do not calculate the forums that have subtopik such), while there are only two sites owned by universities or other educational institutions.


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traffic said...

nice info... including whether negerihijau(dot)blogspot(dot)com is also most site searching?

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