Keep Clean Your Environmental

To assess the environmental situation and the efforts made to create a healthy environment has been selected four indicators, namely the percentage of families who have access to clean water, with family ownership of basic sanitation facilities, Public Places and Food Processing (TUPM).

Some of the efforts to decrease the risk of environmental quality have been conducted by various institutions such as the development of basic sanitation facilities, environmental monitoring and regulation, measurement and quality control environment.

Development of basic sanitation facilities for the community that are associated directly with the health problems include the provision of clean water, toilet healthy, healthy housing is usually handled by a cross-sector. Monitor the implementation of the program in the health care environment can be seen several environmental health indicators as follows:

1. Use of Water
For the year 2007 the number of families who have access to review the water 72.35%. From the results of the inspection of sanitation, health officials in the water every family is the most highest +34.99% dig wells, hand pump wells tap +31.86% +18.59.
2. Healthy home
For most people, home is a place for all family members and spent most of the time, so that the health condition of housing can play a role as a medium of transmission of disease among family members or neighbors surrounding areas.

In 2007 home inspections have been conducted in 40 health areas in Kab.Tangerang health, sanitation inspection results from the 560,426 homes and 68.34% declared healthy.

From the data that the program is socialization to the community to build healthy homes need to continue to do so against the development of prevention may be vectors of disease, as well as cause other diseases around the house.
3. Family With Ownership Basic Sanitation Facilities.
Family ownership with basic sanitation facilities include water supply, latrine ownership families, the trash and waste water management of the entire family it is very much needed improvement in the health care environment.