Importance of Travel Insurance

As one who often travel both for business or vacation time you may already have travel insurance (Travel Insurance). Why? Because this insurance can protect you from losses that are subject to various fundamental situation, including, cancellation of travel (departure), lost baggage, medical emergencies, failure of delivery and also other unexpected conditions.

There are several types of limits of protection offered to the holder of this insurance. Protection given to holders of insurance policies depending on the trip which is issued by an insurance company. There are also insurance companies that collaborate with other companies in order to protect employees against accidents both on land, sea and air.

If you decide to have travel insurance you should also ask whether all or some of the problems following the covered clause in your insurance policy:

• Trip Cancellation is the most common problems and are also important. Usually, insurance companies provide reimbursement for any loss of deposit (deposit) which has been paid if the Insured had to cancel due to the way things are contained in the policy.

• Departure delay: to provide cost reimbursement for flight delay beyond your power, such as bad weather, plane damage, strikes, and others.

• accidents or medical expenses: travel insurance can cover the accident, medical expenses, Inpatient, death and so forth.

• medical evacuation work with the hospital to move the Insured to the treatment facility with a more complete return to the place or stay in Indonesia because of injury due to accident or sickness as illness and bear all costs.

• delay, damage, baggage and loss: Loss or damage to your baggage, luggage or purse contents, including used or carried during a business trip you are guaranteed up to a limit on your policy. Also due to an error late baggage transportation service is the company.

• Each insurance company provides a different protection, which covers everything there is as mentioned above, there is also the only to cover part of the premium depends on the payment that you select. There are also companies that provide insurance against the replacement of piracy, loss of down payment (deposit) to policyholder negligence against a third party so that the resulting journey is interrupted.

To get travel insurance you can ask the company or the Travel Agent service transportation (land, sea and air), they usually have been working with insurance companies. No one can be sure what is happening in the future, so that possibility will always exist. So no one if you have to start thinking about travel insurance.