How To Prevent Pending Job?

Many people are reluctant to start internet business. Of course, many reasons that they also say. Although the Internet has been a blessing for many people and provide abundant revenue, it is still not a go out of its position now. Because it is still busy with work now, or have not been able to share time with the offline business, and many other reasons. So, who is in charge of intent and aspiration stark.

Customs delay temporize good intention can be fatal consequences. This delay can be spread to all joints of life and damage to your ideals that you wake up long since.

I mean is, if you often delay temporize realize good intention, meaning that you include the private or the procrastinator temporize work. If you can not immediately cure this disease, you can be labeled as a shiftless by others, when, in fact you are a diligent worker. If you are like, any career that you geluti, I guarantee you surely die young career. Or, if ya do not die young in the streets. There is no progress from year to year so that any earnings segitu-segitu aja.

Often rely on your mood. I take an example concerning intention on the internet business. You want to start internet business, but to this day you just want it. No recipiency try gradually. You have 1001 reasons to defend oneself why you do not immediately ACTION! The internet business difficult, difficult, must learn from zero, take the right preparation and a well. In other words you perfeksionis.

In addition, you are also afraid to fail. This is quite a danger, you give up before the match so that you can not hone your skills. You will not know that inside you are a great strength to bring you to success.

Another example, a pending employment often not abiding deadline. Whether you are an architect, secretary, manager, or even the director, you surely have a deadline in the work. When a job must be finished so that it can move to B. And when B is complete so that C can also be done immediately.

Well, if you often delay the work, discipline, and often do not work hours you want does not want you if you claim to be a pending employment. I do not say you sluggard, as a pending employment also be a very diligent kerajinannya is just one address. You often prioritize the work is less important. While the tasks you need to do before you settle back often.

Okay, honestly you are responsible, what you like, including people who work delaying temporize? Do not worry you still have the opportunity for treatment and be a better time. How?

First, after you confess if you job pending employment, now find out why you become a procrastinator. And, ask yourself the following two questions.

1. Was it because you do not like your job? If you want to start a business, ask good, adjust with yourself, "What business is really fun?"
2. Are you working too much? Too much to be done so that you are confused which one should be prioritized and what is not.

Second, immediately healed! How, with a self-motivated and give the award to the self. For example, tomorrow is the deadline job A. if you successfully comply with the deadline, you'll spoil myself with eg favorite meals in restaurants. If the deadline is not met, then the law yourself. Please select which way the most powerful to give effect for yourself.

For the pending employment have too much work, you must make a priority. Not only that, the most important discipline you must comply with the priority. Create an action plan, broken into several large employment section. And make sure each job is small have their own deadline.

Whatever your goal, you certainly can achieve as long as you're consistent with your commitment. Recover your self first. That first step that determines the future you better. Next ACTION now!

Moreover, if you want to have. A business person would not pay. Your boss for yourself, no one oversees the performance of you than your own. Thus, you become very vulnerable to the pending employment. Do you still want to delay temporize your success?


Anonymous said...

Hi there, love your post. I do agree with what you said. I myself have been interested in internet marketing since 2004, but just started few months ago when I resigned from my old job.
I just read a blog that said, "Don't have time means that you don't have motivation." That's true! If you have motivation to start your own business, you will have more time than you can imagine. What to do now? START IT for God's sake :)

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ami said...

luar biasa sekali sangat bermanfaat informasinya... terimakasih banyak atas informasinya... semoga suksesnya....

putri said...

luar biasa sekali sangat bermanfaat infonya..
Banyak pelajaran yang saya dapatkan pada blog ini...
Makasihnya...Semoga sukses...

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