Caring for Skin Health Tips With Fruit

Fruit than the beneficial healthful for our bodies, the fruit has a very useful advantages. Fruits was also able to make us face a naturally beautiful. Here are some pieces that can enhance your face.

Orange Skin
In addition to the delicious fruit to eat in, the orange peel can be helpful to your face. Especially for your face is pallid. Is the pin-pin forks with orange peel, orange peel and then input into the warm water and put it in for one night. Put on the face that has been in and then blow-dry with a clean towel. Work to lift dirt and skin cells to die.

Papaya fruit
Papaya can be helpful to rejuvenate your skin, mash of ripe papaya and mix 1 spoon honey. Put on your face and wait for 20 minutes and Rinse to clean. Papaya is able to lift the cells off the skin and prevent wrinkle in the face. If you want to use maximum results once a week.

Fruit Melon
Melon can freeze your skin is sun burnt. Thin slices of melon ago compress for 20 minutes on your face that has been in the clear, and Rinse. Melon fruit contains substances that are useful as astrigent tonic and able to face the chill as the sun burned.

With fruit this hopefully can be useful and make your face fresh and beautiful natural beauty without using drugs.