Beware On Consuming Antibiotics

Many medical practitioners say that the importance of rational use of antibiotics. However, when the child's fever, runny nose, or cough, many parents who expect antibiotics can cure any illness with their children immediately. In fact, it does not need all of antibiotics and not all seeds of disease can be destroyed by antibiotics, for example flu.

Antibiotics can not kill the virus which is a higher-up flu. "Basically, the flu will recover itself. Giving antibiotics only work plasebo," said dr Purnamawati S Pujiarto, Sp.A. (K), MMPed. To handle flu virus, he added, simply by consuming nutritious food, adequate rest, and febrifuge if the body temperature above 38.5 ยบ C.

Unfortunately, there is also a doctor with antibiotics meresepkan easy for diseases caused by viruses. The reason, stamina body when pain is being down so that should be given antibiotics so that bacteria do not come and attack the body. "In fact, since every child born has a better immunity system. When it comes, the body immunity will make a border on it directly," said WHO's ambassador to the rational use of this medicine.

Use the appropriate

Different from the antibiotic drugs in general. Most drugs work on human cells, while the antibiotics work to kill bacteria and wherever possible does not touch the human cells. Antibiotics was then distributed to the cause of infection. Only the bacteria that killed so antibiotics will not be useful if the body is not infected with the bacteria. Antibiotics will kill the good bacteria in the body. New antibiotics needed if we are infected bacteria, such as tifus, tuberculosis, ear infections, sinus infections or heavy.

If we really need antibiotics for bacterial infection, doctors make sure the receipt antibiotics only work on bacteria that particular, the narrow spectrum antibiotics (narrow spectrum antibiotic). Bacterial infection of the light will be given antibiotics that work against gram-positive bacteria (which is easier to be). While bacterial infections to a more serious such as pneumonia or other will given antibiotics also kill gram negative bacteria.

The use of antibiotics or does not actually make the better condition the body, thus damage the body's immune system because immunity can decrease due the user. Consequently, some time later we easily fall ill again. If the antibiotic is done repeatedly, ultimately we become sick and must be easy to go back and forth to the doctor because of the use of antibiotics that are not rational.

A result of the antibiotics that are not appropriate is the emergence of resistant bacteria. Each creature has the ability to survive, as well as bacteria and germs. If Jasad renik this attack continues, it will create a system to survive in a way will change the form of so difficult killed by antibiotics. "So, the more often consume antibiotics, the more resistant the bacteria, parasites, or fungi are," said dr Purnamawati.