Beware, elderly medicine Bedroom Want to Make Suicide!

Parents who rely on sleeping pills in order to overcome the worries and difficult to sleep four times more risk of suicide than do not mengkonsumsinya. So some researchers in this weekend.

A study on the cases of suicide by older persons in the city of Gothenburg, Sweden, and two districts in the neighborhood depresan anti-drug, anti-psikotik, sedatif (sleeping pills) and hypnotic make parents more likely to suicide.

Anders Carlsten and Margda Waern from Gothenburg University to study the case in order to determine whether certain types of drugs psikoaktif associated with the risk of suicide in old age.

According to Carlsten, "Treatment with the sedatif associated with increased risk of suicide 14 times and remained a separate risk factor for suicide action especially in the presence of mental disturbance. Meanwhile, the provision of prescription drugs with hypnotic-related increase in suicide risk up to four times .

They note the 85 men and women aged above 65 years who killed themselves, and compare them with one group of people, the elderly from the general public who do not suicide.

After the match condition of psychosis, all patients mengonsumsi sedatif and to overcome the interference hypnotic sleep four times more likely to make a suicide, said Carlsten.

"Doctors need to be careful about this, because this drug is widely given for the elderly people," write the researchers.


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