Be Careful, 9 of 10 People with Lung Cancer are Smokers

The number of cancer patients treated at the tuberculosis RSUP has increased 74 percent in the last 4 years, from 408 patients in 2004 to 709 in 2008.

"Nine out of 10 cancer patients are smokers tuberculosis," said Prof.. Dr. Faisal Yunus, Chairman of the Indonesian Doctors Lung Center at the discussions in Jakarta, Saturday (6 / 6).

Prof. Faisal said, slow early detection of cancer in smokers due to tuberculosis symptoms are not specific and arose smokers generally do not believe that smoking can cause cancer tuberculosis. "Tuberculosis People with cancer have generally come up in the stadium," he said.

Currently, Prof. information. Faisal, a tendency beginners age smokers in Indonesia became the young from an average of 19 years to 17 years. "That resulted in the age of tuberculosis patients also tend to the young," he said.

Impact of smoking are also presented Prof.. Dr. Farid Anfasa Moelek, SpOG, Chairman of Tobacco Control, that cigarettes cause cancer not only tuberculosis, but cigarette smoke exposure on pregnant women is very dangerous for the fetus that lead to premature birth, ganguan growth and development of the brain. "Low IQ may not result in generation of prime," specifically.

While Dr. Judge Sorimuda, SpOG, members of the House of Representatives Commission IX says people in Indonesia tend to smoke for decades and felt the impact the new remote dikemudian days. "If the count is calculated, smokers save around Rp 170 million for about 26 years to reach the cancer," he said.