Basic principles of insurance

In the world of insurance there are 6 types of basic principles that must be met, the insurable interest, utmost good faith, proximate cause, Indemnity, subrogation and contribution.

* Insurable interest

The right to insure, arising from a financial relationship, between the Insured and the insured is legally recognized.

* Utmost good faith

An action to reveal the accurate and complete, that all facts material (material fact) about something that will either be insured or not. Means is: the insurer must be honest with clearly explain everything about the extent of the requirements / conditions of insurance and the Insured must also provide information that clearly and correctly on the object or be the interest.

* Proximate cause

A cause of active, efficient cause the events schedule that lead to a result without the intervention of a start and an active source of new and independent.

Indemnity *

A mechanism where the insurer provides financial compensation in the efforts put in the Insured's financial position which he had shortly before the occurrence of loss (KUHD section 252, 253 and in article 278).

* Subrogation

The rights of the Insured to the charge after the insurer paid claims.

* Contribution

Underwriter for the right to invite other insurer that same bear, but not necessarily the same obligations to the Insured to provide Indemnity participate.


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