How to implement Google Adsense Section Targetting

I have noticed that my Google Adsense Targeted Ads were sometimes not as well targeted as they could be. So I set out in search of a way of making them more relevant to the content on my blog pages.
My searching turned up the following article in the Google Adsense Help Center. The article describes the process of section targeting to obtain more relevant ads for your web page. The idea is that you include special HTML comments to guide Adsense in what content on your web page is important. The tags are as follows:

You should place the tag at the start of the main content of your web page (ie. after any menu or sidebar HTML code). Then, at the end of the main content you place the tag. These tags can be used multiple times in the one page.

In addition, if there is a section of a page you would like ignored by adsense (a sidebar for example), you can add the qualifier (weight=ignore) to the start tag to mark the section. The tag would be as follows:

Mark the end of the section with the normal tag.

Apparently it can take 2 weeks for these changes to become apparent in the ads displayed on your website, so some patience is required.

I have implemented the Adsense Section Targeting code on my blog and I will monitor the result. Getting the tags to be generated using the blogger platform was quite a trial. Leave me a comment if you need info on how to do it. I will post the results (if any) when I see them.


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