Affirm Your Way to Self-Motivation and Success!

by Paul J. Meyer

The first step toward success is self-motivation. What is the best way to find your inner motivation? Decide on your goal and believe it can be yours. You might be thinking, "Well, that's easier said than done." The key is to become self-motivated and to believe. Using positive affirmations is the most effective way of developing motivation and becoming empowered for success. In effect, your affirmations become self-fulfilling prophecies.
Affirmations are also called self-talk, self-suggestions, attitude control, personal reminders, or simply talking to yourself. Affirmations are essential in building attitudes and confidence in our own capabilities by reminding ourselves of what we can become.
An example of an affirmation is, "I am the top salesman." This statement has all the key ingredients of a positive affirmation. An affirmation is defined as:
· A positive declaration or statement about yourself.
· In the first person and the present tense ("I am…")
· It is specific and about what you want to be (to have, or to do, etc.)

#1 - Replace the Negative with the Positive
Imagine a seesaw: one end of the board is loaded with the negative responses and the other is weighted with positive ideas. Your goal should be to always have positive side outweigh the negative. Using affirmations is key in developing the self-motivation that can turn your goals and dreams into realities.
For whatever reason, it seems that society, family, and friends often have a natural negative slant. Consequently, this negative thinking has adversely impacted our attitudes. Winners are positive thinkers. So, replace the negative with the positive for success!
The moment you begin to use positive affirmations, you gradually begin to shift the weight in a positive direction, first balancing the seesaw, and then tipping it in your favor. By choosing to use affirmations, the Law of Displacement reverses the imbalance. What you do not want has been outweighed by what you do want.
#2 -Affirmations Can Change Your Thinking
Your mind, both its conscious and unconscious parts, plays a role in the formation, use, and result of affirmations. Your conscious mind creates and uses the affirmations, but it is the unconscious mind that is going through the change. What is important to understand is that your unconscious mind cannot distinguish between fact and fiction.
In short, your mind believes what you tell it. This is where using affirmations can make all the difference. Through positive affirmations gradually your behavior responds, following what your unconscious mind has accepted. You become the person you have affirmed yourself to be.
#3 -Creating Your Own Affirmations
Now that you understand why affirmations are so powerful, and how winners use self-motivation to their personal advantage, it is time to create your own affirmations. First ask yourself this: "What do I really want?" Your answer becomes the foundation for creating your affirmation. For example, an objective could be: "I want to use my time more profitably by making 20 percent more sales presentations each week."
With your answer in mind, create an affirmation. The affirmation must be a positive statement about your self, written in the first person and present tense. Be specific about what you want to be, to do, to have, and so forth. Writing your affirmations down on paper helps keep you on track and provides you with a concrete, tangible goal toward which you are aiming.
#4 -Visualize and Repeat, Over and Over
Visualize your affirmation. If your affirmation were, "I am the top salesman," picture in your mind what that would be like. How does it feel to be the top salesman, how do you act and react in that role? When you can mentally see yourself already doing or being whatever you affirm, you are already on the road to success.
If you can describe it, then you can see it. If you can see it, then you can achieve it. Get ready, get set … repeat! You can change habits, attitudes, and personality characteristics through repetition of your positive affirmations. Read and re-read your new affirmations so that they reinforce the habits and attitudes you wish to develop.
Remember, affirmations are never a substitute for action and they require patience. Affirmations are a tool to help you become self-motivated, believe in yourself and gain confidence. On your mark … get ready, get set, and get motivated for success with affirmations!
About the Author
Paul J. Meyer may be a New York Times best-selling author, but it is his success as an entrepreneur that has made him a millionaire many times over. To learn more about becoming a winner through using positive affirmation, order Paul's very practical book, Self-Talk & Self-Affirmation for Winners today, available at or


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