Twitter airport bomb joker arrested

What do you think if someone come to you and he makes everything in funny act? That the happened on Twitter base camp. Over flood by joker. Do you arrived there too? Can you tell me more about something crazy?

Honestly, joke is important when you got stressed, maybe on you r job or in situation in your life that seems make you not interested. Althogh of this, try to find out, what gone in Twitter base camp.


AT&T fixes mobile Facebook problems

Technology news about AT&T that risen up today. They fixed some problem for connecting facebook on their product. So, what is the results of this? Let you read the full article below.

Mobile iphone become most popular now days, that why many people around the word searching for this mobile aplication, in ordder to make their communication more effective. Are you use it too? It is good, so, try to find how to fix facebook problem in your phone.


NFL defensive end Gaines Adams dies at 26

His death make everyone not believe, because he died so young. I think, this is only a tragedy that make everyone to care about their self too.We have to learn something for that happened.

I, my self, I don't know who this man, but many people say that they know him very closely. Gaines Adams maybe a public figure, so many people take to look on him. How about you? Did you care too?


Don't Donate to Haiti Through Wyclef's Corrupt Charity

Donate haitian? Haiti thruogh Wyclef's? Yeah, what is this? I don't know for sure, but this is the old story and that a true story. I hear from my friend blog that Wyclef's Corrupt Charity. Ow, what going on?

Befor talking about that, you have to see what are they write about. Here are below that they written.

Do you believe? Try to think and make a best decision on it. It all about you and Wyclef's.

Wyclef's Skipping Records
Star's charity repeatedly dissolved after failing to file reports

JANUARY 15--Musician Wyclef Jean's charitable foundation--now the recipient of many donations big and small in the wake of the Haiti earthquake--has repeatedly had its corporate status dissolved for failing to file required state disclosure reports, records show. As seen below, the Florida Division of Corporations has, on four separate occasions over the past five years, sanctioned the Yele Haiti Foundation (the charity was incorporated in Florida in 1998 as the Wyclef Jean Foundation, but formally changed its name two months ago). The longest involuntarily dissolution lasted 26 months, ending in November 2008 when Jean's organization provided Florida officials with overdue annual reports disclosing the identities of the group's officers and directors, its registered agent, and office address. The foundation's most recent dissolution occurred in September 2009, but was vacated a month later when the 37-year-old Jean's group filed its disclosure report. As TSG reported yesterday, the Jean foundation's records delinquency extended to the filing of its tax returns--and could make a prospective donor question whether the organizationally challenged foundation is a wise choice for disaster relief contributions. In August 2009, the group filed overdue tax returns for 2005, 2006, and 2007, documents showing that Jean and fellow board member Jerry Duplessis paid themselves at least $410,000 for services provided to the foundation. Duplessis, a bass player who has toured with Jean, co-owns a New York City recording studio with the performer, as well as a Haiti-based production company. (3 pages)


Today: The Help That Haiti Needs And You Can Make It

Haiti is need your help, need your arms for helping them. They are in trouble, especially on the earthquake that happened to them.

They need much more, such are water, instant food, and other stuff. Would you like to help them?
Many people that have arrived there, but they need more, because there are so many of the victims, so, if you have a spent time, they need your help and your money too. Let us help them. Today: The Help That Haiti Needs And You Can Make It


Make Gmail More secure, using GPG encryption

Gmail is the mail provider that that the biggest today. I my self using gmail for receive or sending email for my friend and another use. How about you?

But, Who knows, there are a holes or something bad bug that make gmail not secure anymore. So, for make it secure when you using it, try GPG encryption. If you use this, your account and email more secure from attacker in cyber.

Don't forget to install it in your system, and activated it. No more compromised for another bugs.


Internet Explorer (IE) hole exploited in attacks on U.S. firms

IE (internet explorer) 8 is the new release of microsoft browser in the world, but who knows, there are holes in that browser that affected US firms. This is the bad news for Microsoft about their product.

How do you think about this IE hole and how to overcome this problems? Let see what will they take.

So, for more secure, you should not use it until the hole be prepared. Let's see and wait for a good news.


Login to MySpace via Facebook Connect

Are you fans of MySpace? This is the good news for you. You can login to your account by using Facebook connect.  So, you are in MySpace and in Facebook too, it's amazing, isn't it?

Try to use this new facilities, and get it all. Tell your friends about this news. If you find something more new again, please tell me to post over here, than the other reader could read it from here.